From starting as a small operator in NSW’s Gunnedah Basin in 1999, Whitehaven Coal has grown to become a leading producer of some of the world’s highest quality coal.

Whitehaven Coal produces more than 20 million tonnes of saleable (100% basis) thermal and metallurgical coal per annum from our suite of mines. In the past decade, the company has established itself as a major player in the Pacific Seaborne coal market.

Alongside our international links, our roots remain firmly in the North West NSW region. We are the largest employer in the area, with a total workforce of more than 2,000 people. The company has contributed more than $1 billion into the local economy in the past five years.

Our coal travels from the Gunnedah Basin by rail to the Port of Newcastle before being shipped to customers mainly in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India.

Whitehaven Coal strives operational excellence and in 2016 the Maules Creek mine was awarded the NSW Minerals Council Mining Operation of the Year.

The proposed Vickery Extension Project is the next chapter in Whitehaven Coal’s growth story and will consolidate our longstanding commitment to the region.