Whitehaven Coal is committed to operating a sustainable business. We recognise the importance of underpinning our operations with an aligned organisational culture, effective stakeholder engagement, good governance and business processes that embed sustainable practices into our day-to-day operations

Since 1999 Whitehaven Coal has had its roots firmly in North West NSW. As we have grown to become the largest private employer in the area, so the region has grown with us.

Whether protecting the local environment, employing and training local people, supporting local organisations or helping fund new community infrastructure, Whitehaven Coal has a record of achievement since 1999.

Whitehaven Coal focuses on programs that can deliver greatest long-term benefits to the local community. This includes the opening a new dedicated office in Gunnedah CBD in 2016 to enhance the link with local community and provide the opportunity for members of the community to directly engage with the company.

The local community supports our approach. A survey carried out by Newgate Research revealed that 66% of people in Gunnedah support mining and Whitehaven Coal has the strongest reputation in the region among mining companies who have coal mines in the Gunnedah Basin.

Ensuring a continued positive influence in the community will require long term investment and resources. Respect and care for the community is the best way of showing mining can and does co-exist with other industries such as agriculture.

Whitehaven Coal’s Health, Safety, Environment and Community Committee sets the direction for the Company’s continuing commitment to the highest safety, environmental management and community engagement standards.

Working with Whitehaven Coal’s executive and senior management teams, the Committee helps ensure Whitehaven Coal has the leadership, capabilities, systems and reporting procedures required to achieve zero harm. Whitehaven Coal regularly reports our activities to Community Consultative Committees that have been established for each mine that we operate.

Documents on our website include the:

  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Diversity Policy
  • Continuous Disclosure Policy
  • Securities Trading Policy
  • Political Donation Policy
  • Anti-Corruption Policy
  • Donations and Sponsorship Policy

Our focus in the coming year will continue to emphasise how we:

  • maintain our strong safety record
  • most effectively and efficiently manage our impact on the environment
  • empower and support our people to perform at the highest level, and
  • continue to engage and support local community development

Awards and Achievements

Whitehaven Coal strives for operational excellence and in 2016 the Maules Creek mine was awarded the NSW Minerals Council Mining Operation of the Year

One of the team at Maules Creek, Murray O’Keefe, Acting Mining Supervisor, was named Young Achiever of the Year by the NSW Minerals Council in 2017

The Indigenous employment program at Maules Creek was recognised by the NSW Minerals Council as ‘best in class’ within the industry and was included as a case study in the Prime Ministers Closing the Gap report for 2017

Whitehaven Coal’s apprenticeship and trainee scheme has won two awards – the Large Host Employer and Safety award – at the HVTC Excellence Awards.