Health and Safety

Whitehaven Coal’s operations share the conviction to never compromise on the health and safety of our people, making this a priority at all times.

Our goal is for zero workplace injuries or illness and for every person to go home safe and healthy after each work day. Whitehaven Coal’s people are committed to continually improve performance and provide a safe and healthy workplace for fellow employees, business partners and contractors.

As the Company continues to grow its operations, Whitehaven Coal proactively reviews and improves its practices, responses and training procedures, collaborating with internal and external specialists to educate, communicate and engage with our workers.

On health, Whitehaven Coal takes cares of workers by preventing and reducing exposure to noise, dust, manual handling and vibration. The potential for fatigue to contribute to safety incidents is understood across the industry and Whitehaven Coal uses a range of methods to reduce potential for harm.

Whitehaven Coal sites have been smoke-free since 2016 and wellness campaigns have also taken place around obesity, mental health, stretching, hydration and skin cancers.

Note: Data includes WHC employees and contractors at all mine sites, Gunnedah CHPP and Corporate office. TRIFR refers to total recordable injury frequency rate.


Whitehaven Coal safety performance confirms the effectiveness of the Safehaven Rules introduced by the Company in 2014.

In FY2017 Whitehaven’s TRIFR (Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate per million hours worked) was 7.42. The Whitehaven group TRIFR has halved since the Safehaven program began in 2014.

Whitehaven’s TRIFR rate compares favourably with the NSW industry benchmark of 14.7.

On an operational basis the Gunnedah operations registered only 1 recordable incident for the year.

Over the year there were no fatal incidents across Whitehaven’s operations. All high risk incidents were investigated and necessary measures taken to prevent similar incidents.

Safehaven Conference

More than 140 people from across Whitehaven took part in the company’s annual Safehaven Conference.

The day provided an opportunity for our people to come together in an internal forum to reinforce Whitehaven expectations, review current programs and introduce new areas of focus.

Topics discussed this year included critical control monitoring, airborne dust, personal health, movement for improvement and safety leadership.

Attendees heard from a number of keynote speakers including Victoria Cross awardee Daniel Keighran, motivational speaker Matt Church and work safety advocate Helen Fitzroy.

Whitehaven also holds health and safety forums for key contractors twice a year, with the most recent attended by 240 people.


For the third year in a row employees at supported the Movember appeal which supports activities related to tackling men’s health issues.

Among the fundraising activities the team at Maules Creek donated $2,359 to Movember this year, with the total raised now in excess of $10,000 over the past three years.